Thieves Steal Police Car In Nairobi's CBD, Dump It In Ruiru

Thieves stole a police car which they later abandoned 20km away in Ruiru town. The gang picked the saloon car outside a house in Zimmerman where the officer had parked it on Sunday morning.

Nairobi Police said the driver is attached to Directorate of Criminal Investigations headquarters. The officer had gone to visit a workmate in Zimmerman and parked the vehicle outside an apartment at about 5am. The car bore private registration numbers at that time.

Police chase car parked along Mombasa Road. Photo file

When the officer went for his vehicle at about 8am, he found it missing. It was then that a search was launched. At about 6pm, a resident of Ruiru called police to inform them that a strange car was parked outside his house. Police rushed there and confirmed it was the vehicle they were looking for. It was towed to Ruiru Police Station.

“We believe the thieves realized who the owner of the car was before they decided to leave it there,” said a policeman at the scene. Other officers said the gang may have been on the run and wanted a getaway car to leave Zimmerman when they stumbled on the police car.