#AskMadebe: 'Can I have Sex While I'm Pregnant?

Can I still have sex while I’m pregnant?

‘Yes! Sex during pregnancy is generally safe and can be continued throughout pregnancy for most women. In some cases, your doctor may recommend against sex, for example if you have broken your waters early, have a placenta which is sitting low and at risk of bleeding, or you are at increased risk of preterm labour. If your pregnancy is uncomplicated, sex is absolutely fine … although common sense should be used. Stop if you feel pain or experience bleeding.’

What should I avoid to increase my fertility?

Trying for a baby ‘is a good time for a health overhaul for both you and your man. Look at your lifestyle and general health and see where improvements can be made:
  • Quit smoking
  • Decrease alcohol intake (especially if drinking more than two units a day)
  • Limit coffee to two cups a day
  • Try to optimise your weight using diet and exercise if you are overweight (BMI > 25 kg/m2). If you are overweight, even a small amount of weight loss will help.
  • If your BMI is normal, limit hard exercise to less than five hours per week.
  • Sort out any medical problems you have, especially conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or autoimmune disease which should be optimised pre-pregnancy.’