Easy Ways To Make Your Partner Get Stuck If They Ever Have Sex Outside The Relationship.

You are here because you think your partner is probably cheating or having sex with other people. It's very normal. There have been a lot of myths going round about preventing your partner from cheating or having sex outside the relationship. Let's look at these few methods I have had people discuss.
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So am told the husband to the cheating wife buys a new padlock. Makes sure he masturbates in the padlock holes and locks it and throws it under the bed. This Mostly is for travelling husbands who suspect their wives of bringing mpangos in their matrimonial beds. Once they try having sex on that same bed with the padlock beneath, they are bound to get stuck until the husband comes and unlocks it.

This Myth is from a digo tribe along the coastal region. Never tried it but I hear it works miracles.


Am sure most of us have had about this myth. The wife or husband takes a Masai knife poach, talks to it and fixes the knife inside. If any of the partner tries to have sex with knife inside the poach, they are bound to get stuck.

I don't know why you however want to make your spouse get stuck. If you don't trust the relationship, move.