His Penis Doesn't Stand Up And Am Not Satisfied. What Do I Do?

Im 24 and Me and my boyfriend recently just started having sex, and I noticed that his penis doesn't really stand up. He can be fully hard but it still kind of flops over. I don't know if this is normal and he doesn't really seem to care about it. I mean I love him no matter what (and I am completely satisfied in bed) but I'm worried this is a health problem.

I've been with two other guys and neither one of there penis's did this. He's also allot bigger then them too though, maybe that's why? I'm not sure, Please help!

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If he's fully erect it just means it is how his penis is curved. Some curve up, some curve down, some to the sides. Most will swing to one side or the other, and most do have a slight curve to their penises. But some have a more distinct curve than others. I had an ex with a penis bent downwards, as in.. the penis itself had a curve that pointed down. It was impossible to have sex in doggy style, or while standing, because of this shape. But yet he was one of the best in bed I ever had, the curve gave a very different feel to it, and hit the right spots ;)
It's normal, it's just how some penises are. The reason he doesn't talk to you about it is probably that he is embarrassed. Penises in porn look straight and all, and guys do compare their penis to others. Maybe he thinks there is something wrong with him, maybe he thinks he looks weird. Maybe he doesn't know himself that it is normal. My ex, who had that downward curve, didn't know it was normal and thought he must have done something to damage his penis while younger to cause that shape.
But, it is just the way he was. This is just how some penises are. If you are satisfied in bed, then it's all good. Besides, if it WAS something medical, I am sure he would tell you if his health was at risk.
If you want to, I see no harm in asking him about it. Don't compare his penis to your exes! But you can talk about it and ask questions, as long as you are respectful.

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"An erect penis can stand straight out or at an upward or downward angle. It can also curve up or down or to one side."
If the angle of your boyfriend's erection has always been downward, and this doesn't represent a drastic change from the type of erection he's had since puberty, I doubt it's due to a health issue.
You can suggest he see a doctor about it, but be prepared for him to dismiss the suggestion as it appears your sex life is entirely unimpeded by the angle of the dangle. If he's able to satisfy you and achieve satisfaction himself then there really is no "problem" to be fixed.
If he doesn't want to go, leave it at that; telling him how none of the guys you've been with before him had an erection that pointed downward is more likely to give him retroactive jealousy than to change his mind about it.
Good luck and best wishes!