Majority Of Deputy Governors Are All Working Against Their Governors - Moses Kuria

Jubilee's vocal Gatundu South Member of Parliament, Moses Kuria, took to social media on Friday, January 12, to give his sentiments on the resignation of Polycarp Igathe as the deputy governor of Nairobi county. In a series of posts, Kuria hinted that so many governors were not working in peace with their deputies for fear of the deputies taking over their gubernatorial positions.

In one of the posts seen by, Kuria said that this fear was causing unnecessary animosity between the governor and deputy after initially campaigning together with great chemistry.

"The holes within our constitution and statutes on succession of governors are wide enough for a B52 to pass through. When there is a vacancy in the position of the governor, a by election should be held within 90 days. The Deputy Governor should not act as the governor. The Speaker of County Assembly should," wrote Kuria. He further went on to reveal that several of his governor friends expressed this succession fear to him.

"What is coming out as antipathy is just fear incorporated. It is terrible to have to work with someone whom you consider your existential threat number 1 however illogical your thoughts are. It is not a matter for us politicians. It is the preserve of sociologists, psychiatrists and psychologists. If we do not fix this legal lacuna, expect more surprises," concluded Kuria. In another of his viral posts, Kuria wrote, "What God has put asunder, let no man put together."

According to prior reports, Igathe announced his resignation on Friday, January 12, after handing in his resignation letter to Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko. Igathe resigned on December 31, 2017, and was serving his notice. Sonko acknowledged receipt of the resignation letter and said he would issue a statement on the matter later. Igathe, in his letter, said he failed to earn the trust of the governor, but previous reports had it that the two could not see eye to eye since their campaign days ahead of the August 8, 2017, election. Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

 Sonko refuted the claims, flooding social media with screenshots of their private messages to prove their detractors wrond It was also reported that State House would allegedly take over the management of Nairobi county and place it in Igathe's hands; and would be assisted by a handful of President Uhuru Kenyatta's cabinet secretaries.ll-out.html#262950