Nairobi woman bursts husband with side chick in their matrimonial bed and post photos on social media

Although men are more prone to cheating than women are, it is the opposite when it comes to being caught in the act. A lady was on Sunday, January 14 caught in Nairobi's Buru Buru estate brEaking the sixth commandment by the lady of the house

In a Facebook post by Lillian Thethere, she claimed to have found the unidentified lady on her matrimonial bed with her husband definitely not watching netflix. "Home wrekers wa buru found hiki kibitch kwa NYUMBA yangu kwa kitanda yangu"" she wrote (Buru buru home wrecker, found this woman in my house, on my bed) While some of her followers lashed at her for airing her dirty linen in Public, others thought it was a great move to shame the lady 

 "Did u hav 2 post ya family issues??? U don't qualify 2b called a woman.there are ladies out there going through hell yet they don't post on social media, they make sound decision...sort out the issue with that idiot u call husband n let the lady be" wrote one Tina Joy "This is defeatist Very shallow minded of you n rem the Internet doesn't forget. Hope u don't mind your kids viewing this" Wanjiru Maina Social media being the home of all sorts of advices, others sort o advice the embittered woman on how she should handle her husband if she did not want him to cheat on her 

 "Put a full photo of your husband and anika him, he's the culprit here, he doesn't respect you. Shaming the other woman won't make your man Faithful to you, it won't stop him from cheating" Cecilia Muli "Did that woman get in your house through the window tame ur man n stop disgracing that woman African men are polygamous by nature nkt" Tarsila Janet Radica Curious followers thought the husband should also be shamed demanded for his photos as well. Well the lot got disappointed cause it seemed the lady was not going to let her husband get crucified. That clearly confirms the old cliché, Women are worst enemies of themselves.