Notorious Thug Meets Tired Residence And It's The Best Thing You Will Watch

A young man escaped death on Friday evening when a mob beat him up and doused him in kerosene, ready to burn him.

Samuel Mwangi alias Hassan Mwangi, 22, was caught breaking into a house in Huruma Estate, Ol kalou.

Residents claimed Mwangi, who is from Mumbi village in Ol kalou, was part of a dangerous, organised gang that had been stealing and raping women.

They said he does not live in the area as he claimed and that police had been looking for him since December 28, 2017.

He allegedly attempted to rape a woman in the area on that date and bit her on her leg when she resisted. He reportedly stole her Samsung phone.

The mob piled grass on the suspect and threatened to set him on fire, so he could reveal the identities of the gang members.

They also demanded to know where he took the household items and livestock stolen from them. He refused to speak.

Resident Francis Matere claimed Mwangi had broken into his hotel at Ol kalou bus park more than three times.

"He was taken to court a few times. I always forgave him hoping he would reform because he was a minor. His day has come ... he should be jailed," said Mutere. "He has been a thief for over 10 years. He started when he was very young."

Resident Jackson Gichohi said: "This man is part of an organised gang that steals livestock and household goods including electronics. They also snatch women's phones and threaten to rape them.

"It is a big gang ... we call on the government to clear them from the society, particularly here in Ol kalou, because our patience is running out. When we get them, we will not forgive them. We shall dump them in hell."

Mwangi was saved by Ol kalou OCS Mark Masinde

"We pray he doesn't die so we can see if he can give us information," said a police officer who accompanied Masinde.

Nominated MCA Joseph Kariuki regretted that a young, energetic man would have been lynched for crimes yet he can work and earn a decent living.

"I urge my fellow youth to work, stop relying on free and stolen things and shun evil," he said

Kariuki thanked the officers for their quick action, saying Mwangi "may reform and even become a pastor".