Police Kills Suspected Thug And Arrests Four In Bungoma. Watch Video

Police and their CID counterparts gunned down a 24-year-old suspected thug and arrested four in Bungoma town on Monday. The unidentified suspect was killed outside his house at Muslim area and found a pistol. "We received information from members of the public that armed thugs were hiding somewhere. Police rushed to the scene and upon arrival, two of the suspects tried to run away," Bungoma South OCPD David Kirui said.

four suspected goons arrested in Bungoma photo file naiexpose.co.ke

He said they killed the man because he fired at them while fleeing. The other suspect escaped but police are following crucial leads for his arrest, the police boss also said, adding they recovered nine small caliber firearms. Kirui said they also took a German Shepherd dog the gang had been using to harass residents, especially at night. He said the group used the dog to tell the lie that they were patrol officers but would rob residents. 

The OCPD said they believed the suspects were part of a gang that breaks into homes and businesses. He said those apprehended will be investigated and taken to court soon. Residents said the slain suspect was dangerous and that he had carried out attacks for a while. The OCPD asked the public to share information that will lead to the arrests of all criminals. "We thank our officers for the swift action and want them to carry on that way and wipe away all criminal elements in this town.