Tables Are Turning - Patrol Cars Driven By NTSA Officers Are Owned By Ruto. Uhuru Telling Them To Stop Is Financially Suffocating Ruto

Trouble in paradise? Word reaching our desk is that tables have turned and all is not well.

The new NTSA Ban By The President has brought up a whole new topic that Kenyans didn't know. Word is that all the cars driven by the NTSA officers are owned by Deputy President and keeping them out of the road is leaving them with no jobs.

NTSA Kenya - Photo file

A Kenyan posted On Facebook Today citing that the move by the president to stop NTSA officers from operating in the streets was also a way of denying Deputy president William Ruto part of the business he was doing with the government.

The cars were on a 6000 Ksh lease per day for each car as posted below.

The Total of more than 200 cars brought it more than 1.2 Million A day if the assumptions are right.

If these allegations are true then it only means all is not well despite the two trying hard to brash off all the allegations.