Top Coastal Politician's Daughter Caught In A Lesbian Scandal And Sheikhs Are Now Asking For Her Head

A top coastal politician's daughter has angered top religious leaders from the coast after photos of her making out with another girl were circulated through whatsapp groups.

The politician, a big figure who has had major scandals going round has said everyone has a right to choose on who they wanted to spend their lives with and her daughter had that right too and no one would change any of that.

Last year, a gay couple were lynched in Bamburi Mtambo and others had to run away to escape the wrath of the residence.

The politician has however dared anyone to try touch her daughter and face his wrath. By the time Naiexpose was writing this, we had not ascertained who the politician is but sources say the politician is well known to the public.

keep in touch as we continue digging out.

One of the photos doing rounds on social media. Photo file