Uhuru Tells NTSA To Stay Away From Kenyan Roads.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has today asked NTSA officials to stay away from the Kenyan Roads Amidst the new travel ban imposed by the regulatory firm.

Speaking during the burial of three bishops who died in a road accident, Uhuru said NTSA should stick to its policy making role and leave the rest to the traffic police department.

The night traffic ban that affected thousands of kenyans has had Kenyans ask the president disband the entire body citing laziness and arrogance.

president uhuru kenyatta during a test drive of the new police patrol car launch

"You can't run a 24 hour economy by curtailing workers' travel. The world is on the move," wrote Wetangula. ODM's National Chairman John Mbadi echoed Wetangula's sentiments, saying that the NTSA's impulsive reactions will not address the challenges witnessed on Kenya's roads.

The reactions came after NTSA banned night travel after a grisly road accident at Salgaa that killed at least 37 travellers.

The night travel ban inconvenienced thousands of Kenyans travelling to different parts of the country, among them students opening school. Kenyans also angrily reacted to the increased road accidents, blaming NTSA for doing little to end the carnage.