Diamond And Zari's Break Up Takes A New Twist After Wema Sepetu Spent Night At Diamond's Madale Home On Saturday

Diamond and Wema Sepetu come from way back. Their relationship was more of the Beyonce and Jay Z type of relationship before they all went their separate ways. Diamond had accused the movie star of infidelity before they called off their relationship then.

Just a week after Diamond broke up with Zari, the duo have been seen hanging around each other yet again. Our sources have claimed that on Saturday Wema spent the night at Diamond's Madale home.

Fans of both parties, Diamond and Wema sepetu now want the duo to get back saying their relationship was meant to be. Wema had tried dating Idris Sultan but the relationship did not yield.

According to Idris, Wema is a materialistic woman and getting her to like you would take alot of impressing to do.