If I die, l'll have died finding a better life for her - Police find a heartbreaking note inside one of the gangsters they had shot dead at Parklands

Four suspected gangsters who were shot dead on Wednesday, 28 February have a story that might move you and see their life lose in a very different angle. The four were shot as they were trying to steal money from a construction site along General Mathenge Highway.

The four decided to engage police in a fire exchange battle after the flying squad laid ambush on them

Naiexpose.co.ke has however learnt that one of the four might have been in the squad from pressure indoctrinated by the spouse or the girlfriend. 

Police have admitted to rumours that one of the goon's pockets had a note saying that if he died, his girlfriend was to be blamed because he was indulging in the acts to give her a good life.

If I die, ****** should be blamed. I died finding money for her. 

The Note read. We are still following up on the story and we will be giving you detailed information.