Before running through this article, here is an advice. Not all car dealers you see parading themselves online are real car dealers or own showrooms. Most of them are brokers while others are scammers. Before confronting any car dealer or giving away money to purchase a car, make sure you have done a background check. Best Car Dealers In Nairobi

Best Car Dealers In Nairobi
Best Car Dealers In Nairobi

Majority of the people I know who have been conned were not keen or careful. People pretend to be car dealers and end up stealing from you. Or better steal sold a stolen vehicle that might land you in trouble.

Below are 10 Best car dealers in Nairobi

  • Gigi Motors
  • Kenya Car Bazaar
  • Prestige Motors
  • Motor Hub Car Dealers
  • GQS Motors
  • Kenya Auto Bazaar
  • KEMU motors
  • Toyota Kenya Limited
  • Car Max East Africa Limited
  • Maridady Motors

The above car dealers are certified dealers that you can trust to handle all your queries before placing a purchase.