Akothee and Zari Hassan happen to be the best of friends. The two have been seen hanging out together and it’s alleged Akothee spends most of the time at Zari’s house on her many trips to South Africa.


Akothee lately thanked her mother for putting up with her father. The singer clearly stated that her father was some pain and only a woman like her mother would put up with him. That alone made people try compare her to Babu Owino others saying the manner in which the two talked clearly indicated they were long lost siblings.

Social media some time back went wild after the singer and her daughter called each other the B word. Akothee said that her daughter and her were close friends and their relationship was not to be questioned.

Last week Zari posted a birthday post that in part read;

 “Happy buffday to the craziest woman I know on this planet, well not that type of crazy, nah! Trust me you don’t wana mess with her type of ‘craaaiiiiziiiiii’. @akotheekenya,” wrote Zari Hassan.