As long as it doesn’t harm you, you should make efforts to satisfy your man in bed. [Source/]

In a previous article, we told you some of the things that can make your husband deny you sex.

For instance, personal hygiene is one of the key things that we told you is ‘a must have’ if you want to keep your husband ‘caged’ within your territory on all matters sex as noted by Kamau Wa Mwangi, a member of the Kikuyu Council of Elders (Ndundu Athuri a Gikuyu) from Kimucu, Thika.

“Kikuyu men even in the past loathed dirty women and would even brand them as ‘ihangara’. No man would want to go to bed with such a woman or even eat her food. Hygiene was very essential when it came to maintaining a healthy relationship,” Mwangi says.

However, personal and general hygiene is not the only thing that you require to stop your Gikuyu man from ‘loitering around’.

Below are three ways to spice up your sex life with your husband.

1. Be active and have fun

Your man will only prefer a sidekick (gacungwa) over you when it comes to love-making if your sex life is boring, notes Mwangi. Spice it up by, for instance, moaning and being active during the exercise. Doing so can only make what would otherwise have been a half marathon be a full one.

However, don’t overdo or fake it because it can turn out to be simply silly! Concentrate on having fun and making the experience memorable than ever.

2. Stay in the right shape

This you simply achieve by eating healthy which not only helps you stay attractive but also be able to execute your bedroom moves as well as boosting your libido. 

3. ‘Walk’ the extra mile

As long as it doesn’t harm you, you should make efforts to satisfy your man in bed. Why you need to consider this is because different men have different levels of stimulation and Kikuyu men are not in any way different. Feel free to communicate with your man and ask him what he wants/ likes. Also, don’t shy away from telling him what pleases you in bed.

“Women should strive to make their husbands happy in bed or they will just call it quits which can be very unfortunate,” added Mwangi.