You’d probably think The president or our politicians are Kenya’s most paid individuals. Wrong! Kenyan top companies like Safaricom and Kengen happen to be among top companies giving their CEO s and other top employees hefty salaries in the world.

As much as we mostly want to believe politicians happen to be among the most paid individuals the latter is not true. Apart from the allowances they get, their salaries are not hefty. Majority of them thrive on corruption. A majority of the politicians we have seen being mentioned among Kenya’s richest individuals have also appeared in most corruption sagas.

Kenya's highest paid people
Kenya’s highest paid people

Below are Kenya’s most paid individuals.

  • James Mworia 

Centum investment chief executive officer. He earns a whooping 16.7 Million Kenya Shillings a month. In total the man earns 201.1 Million Kenya shillings per year.

  • James Mwangi

He is the CEO Equity Bank. By the end of December 2015, He was taking home a whooping 15.9 Kenyan shillings a month. That has been increased

  • Keith Gretton

Keith is BAT kenya’s CEO. He is Kenya’s third paid employee taking home a whooping 13.2 Million Kenya Shillings a month

  • Bob Collymore.

He is 4th most paid employee in Kenya. The safaricom CEO brought profitability to safaricom ever since he stepped into the company. Bob takes home a total of 10.7 Million Kenya Shillings a month

  • Jane Karuku

She is EABL managing director and Kenya’s most paid female individual She takes home a whooping 7.2 Million Kenya shillings