Having a car in Nairobi is no longer a luxury. With the increasing crime rates and car jacking of public transport buses and Matatus, having your own transport means is really necessary. Most of those who buy cars never take to time research on what to buy, fuel consumption etc. Important Things To Consider When Purchasing A Car

Here are some of the most important things to check before buying any car.

  • Milliage

You should first check to understand whether you are buying a used car and how far the car has been on the roads.

  • Can You Maintain It

Don’t just purchase a car before you have money at the time. First check if you can be able to maintain the car at your lowest moments

  • Why Are You Buying The Car

Ask yourself why you are buying the car at that particular moment. Is it a taxi business or is it for personal use.

  • Can You Afford The Car

The basic rule of affording something is you can afford it if you can buy it 5 times straight without having to feel the pinch. Don’t buy a car that you can not afford thrice.

  • Resale Value

Car the car be resold at a profit? If not, you have no point buying it.

  • Spare Parts.

Are the spare parts of the car you are buying readily available. Most cars have expensive spare parts. Don’t buy such a car unless you can afford them.