Nairobi is the land of opportunity. If you are not keen however, you might just be used as  money making machinery for the brave. Ever heard of the 10,000 shilling job weekly adverts? And all you need to qualify is be either in Nairobi Mombasa or Kisumu? Well these are just but some of the scams you should totally stay away from. Below are 10 top scams you should stay away from.


It’s such a pity that majority of Kenyans fell for this scam and lost out all their money. When their representative first approach you, they do so with some level conniving tact. They will promise you  cars and houses within the first year of joining. I ever met one of their representative who looked week and sickly. I almost asked him what he was doing with the Ksh 10,000 weekly amount he was getting.

Aim Global And 10 Other Money Making Scams You Should Avoid In Nairobi

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