Majority of the Kenyans who own driver’s licences did not follow the correct channels. The manner in which those in authority have become corrupt is alarming. The number of accidents in our Kenyan roads is also increasing. Majority of personal car owners paid for their driving licences and worse still did not attend any driving school.


Today we take you through major steps of owning or acquiring a legit Kenyan driver’s licence without cheating or bribing for it.

How to Apply For A Driver’s Licence In Kenya.

  • Create an E-CITIZEN Account by clicking here
  • Click on register or log in if you are already a member
  • Enter your Email Address and password
  • Agree to terms and conditions
  • Open your email address to complete signup
  • Enter your phone number and confirm via sms sent to your phone
  • upload your passport size photo

step two

  • Click on national Transport and safety Authority link to submit your application for drivers licence

Step Three

Click on the service you want to apply for

  • Provisional driving licence
  • Driving test
  • Interim driving licence
  • One year driving licence renewal
  • Three years driving licence renawal
  • Driving class endorsement
  • Duplicate Driving Licence
  • Driving Licence information corrections
  • Driving licence endorsement corrections (A and J)

Step Four

Proceed to pay using the available payment options. Confirm the details by sending an SMS with the word DL to 22430