Dubai is world’s first cosmopolitan city to allow visitors to work or stay on tourist Visas. Being the fastest growing city and Worlds largest Economy capital, the need for new labor forces continues to increase opening new doors for new job opportunities. Today we will be looking on how to apply for Dubai jobs from Kenya.

Unlike Saudi Arabia, Dubai is a free city. The Muslim Sheria and laws do not apply. This in turn makes it difficult to save if you are a party lover. Most Kenyans who have worked in Dubai come back home broke. This is caused by the lavish lifestyle they adapt while in Dubai.

how to apply for Dubai jobs
how to apply for Dubai jobs

Below are top agents in Kenya that will help you secure a job in Dubai. Be advised, there are people purporting to be job recruiter agents. If Not careful, they will ask you for money to facilitate Visas and other traveling documents. If such a scenario happens, be assured that you are being conned. Don’t give away any money for any facilitation.

How To Apply For Dubai Jobs Paying 60K A Month

Below are top Kenyan Agents helping Kenyans secure Jobs in Dubai.

  • Shanawa Recruitment Agency
  • Jawabu Consultancy
  • ElmVale Agency
  • Recours Consultancy
  • Plexi Personnel Limited
  • Cooperate Staffing Kenya
  • Bridgegap International
  • Gulf Manpower Recruiting Agency

The Above recruiting agencies have been cleared to carry out recruiting in Kenya to Dubai and UAE.