Banking in Kenya has not been taken seriously. Majority have the notion that banking is only about keeping your money in a bank safe guarded by security personnel and watch dogs. There is more into banking than meets the eye. Banks Offering Best Interests Rates In Kenya. Before choosing to save with certain banks in Kenya there are a majority of things you should check;

Banks Offering Best Interests Rates In Kenya
Banks Offering Best Interests Rates In Kenya
  1. Their Minimum Operating Balance
  2. Stability of the bank
  3. Check their monthly maintenance fee
  4. Profitability
  5. Interests earned on your savings

These are five key factors you should consider before opening an account with any bank. We have seen cases of banks being forced to shut down as others are declared incompetent. Don’ put your money in a Sacco unless it’s a government operated Sacco.

Below are five banks offering the best interests on your savings.

  • Standard Chartered Bank.
  • Cooperative Bank
  • Stanbic Bank
  • NIC Bank
  • CBA Bank

Save wisely.