These are the 20 best cities in Germany for work – if you consider their future prospects. The renowned prognos institute and German economic newspaper “Handelsblatt” present the “Prognos Future Index 2013“.

If you are looking for a job in Germany – here are the 20 best cities in Germany for work – and their prospects for the next ten years. The cities, towns and counties have been ranked in 6 categories: dynamic, strength, demographic, job market, innovation and wealth.

Best Cities in Germany for work

01. Munich (County)
02. Munich (City)
03. Erlangen (Town)
04. Ingolstadt (Town)
05. Böblingen (County)

06. Darmstadt (Town)
07. Regensburg (Town)
08. Starnberg (County)
09. Wolfsburg (Town)
10. Stuttgart (City)

11. Heidelberg (Town)
12. Ebersberg (County)
13. Landshut (Town)
14. Coburg (Town)
15. Main-Taunus-Kreis (County)
16. Ludwigsburg (County)
17. Erlangen-Höchstadt (County)
18. Ulm (Town)
19. Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm (County)
20. Hochtaunuskreis (County)

Small towns and counties in the south of Germany offer the best prospects for the next ten years. But how do the big cities in Germany rank? Here we list the places for ten big cities in Germany.

10 biggest best cities in Germany for work

Berlin Rank 224. Place 36 in innovation, but only 90th in job market and 400th in wealth. (of 402!!)

Hamburg Rank 32. Place 8 in innovation and place 32 in job market. Wealth is only 373 among German cities.

Munich Rank 2. Munich is the No 1 city of innovation in Germany. The munich job market ranks 16th in Germany. Munich is the 88th wealthiest city in Germany.

Cologne Rank 60. Place 30 in innovation, 51 in job market and only 370 in wealth.

Frankfurt Rank 22. 17th in innovation, job market is placed 23th and wealth 357th.

Stuttgart The home of Mercedes Benz is 5th in innovation and 17th in the job market. Stuttgart’s wealth is in the middle field. Rank 182.

Düsseldorf Rank 34. Home of Immigrant Spirit GmbH. Currently ranked 19th for innovation, 21th for job market and 336th for wealth.

Dortmund Rank 323 . Innovation is ranked 211th, job market 170th and wealth 396th.

Essen Rank 266. Place 87 in innovation, 138th in job market and 391th in wealth.

Bremen Rank 303. 58th place in innovation and 94th place in job market. wealth is place 401 – second to last.