Business can be rewarding and at the same time physically draining. In Kenya, some businesses you see around require think skinned individuals to run them though they are lucrative. For those planning to start business this year, avoid the following ventures if you are not experienced enough

  1. Matatu business

Matatu business is profitable but can easily lead you into depression. Initially it was good but after police and NTSA became part and parcel of this ecosystem, things became worse.

When you own a matatu, these are the people who will eat your profit:

  • Driver
  • Conductor
  • NTSA
  • Police
  • Touts

The only way to avoid losses is to incorporate your matatu into a SACCO that only operate in long distance routes

  1. Boutique business

Boutique business looks appealing when you see someone do it but if you join the bandwagon, you will surrender.

Boutique business is not easy to run, it needs patience, heavy financing and human traffic.You also need to set it in a strategic position

  1. Cyber Café

Nowadays almost everyone owns a smartphone, so there is little need for a cyber café. It’s worthless to venture into this business when everyone else is closing theirs.

  1. Wines & Spirits

Wines & Spirits is a seasonal business. When you start one, make sure you have something to make you busy during the day as you wait for customers in the evening.

The only way you can make meaningful profits in this business is by selling

  1. Laundry

Only insignificant number of Kenyans who take their clothes to the laundry machine…the rest use regular water.

Before you set up laundry business, make sure you have pin pointed at least 100 men who can be your customers, otherwise you will regret.

  1. Furniture business

Another difficult business to run involves furniture. Unless your business is located in Nairobi or major towns where population density is high, you won’t succeed in this business.