Comedy should be flowing, not forced. Comedy is a talent. Comedy is not making faces while trying so hard to make your audience laugh. By just looking at you, The Audience should be able to smile, laugh or even cry. It’s how you narrate your jokes. There are Kenyan Comedians that made it that far.

DJ Shitty And 10 Other Kenyan Boring Comedians.
DJ Shitty And 10 Other Kenyan Boring Comedians.

Cracking a single joke might make you think you are talented. That might just be luck. Take this for an example. Dj Shitty. His premiere to the popular show House helps of Kawangware was the best thing we saw that day. He was good. As days continue to pass, people are not feeling him anymore. YouTube comments sections are fans of the show telling the director to have him take a break.

Below are some of top Kenyan comedians that lack content and have continued wasting our time.

  • DJ Shitty
  • Nyambane
  • Jalang’o
  • MC Tricky
  • Eric Omondi
  • Teacher Wanjiku
  • Smart Joker

To be honest I no longer see any funny content from the above comedians above.