Sportpesa’s CEO Ronald Karauri is among Kenya’s richest men alive. An idea that many brushed off as an invalid dream built on horses backs has come to pass.

“Starting off the betting company was one of the best risks I ever took in my entire career. Never in my life did I know I could be sponsoring teams in premier leagues.”

The Sportpesa CEO remembers the challenges he had bringing a team together to start such a risky business. Many of his friends couldn’t invest in the dream then. Karauri says he owns only 6% of Sportpesa’s total shares that happen to be Billions of shillings.

Ronald drives a Mercedes S600 the same model president Uhuru Kenyatta cruises with. As if that is not all, word is the CEO has purchased a private jet to help him travel around the world.

Check it out below.

Sportpesa’s CEO Ronald Karauri’s Private Jet