Can women make you bankrupt? Obviously Yes! Without the proper understanding of Money and women, you are likely to become pour at your youth trying to impress women. Majority of the richest billionaires out there kept their business and women way far much a part. As we look at Kenya’s richest bachelors you will see the amount of money their bank accounts weigh.

Kenya's Richest Bachelors
Kenya’s Richest Bachelors

Not all women are bound to make you poor though. Good women who will help you achieve your goals still exist. These are the kind that will advice you on what and what not to spend on. They don’t value your taking them out to expensive hotels or restaurants. They value growth and achievements. Such women are however very hard to come by.

The list below consists of Kenya’s richest bachelors that have even had controversies term them gay. Their love for work and keeping women out of their circle has seen Kenyans question their sexuality.

Check out the list of Kenya’s richest bachelors below

  • Brian Weke
  • MacDonald Mariga
  • Dennis Oliech
  • Peter Nduati
  • Michael Okwiri
  • Victor Wanyama
  • Donald Kipkorir
  • Stanley Kamau
  • Jomo Gecaga
  • Zaheer Jhanda