If you are planning to spend a weekend or holiday in a Naivasha hotel you can book one online. We are going to provide a list of best hotels in Naivasha and how to book them.

In one night you should budget for Ksh 2,000-20,000, but the average figure is Ksh 5,500 per night. As you are aware, Naivasha is one of the most expensive towns in Kenya in terms of guest room prices but there are several nice things about the growing town.One of the many physical features that attract visitors is the Lake Naivasha.The town also provides a conducive environment to whoever wants to stay away from noise and pollution.

Below is a table indicating the price of each hotel and the link to where to book the hotel of your choice. Note that the link directs you to Jumia website, one of the most trusted companies in the country.

Naivasha Kongoni Lodge 8,700-21,000 BOOK NOW
Triple Eden Naivasha Hotel 2,000-2,300 BOOK NOW
Dove Nest Lodge 1,150-21,000 BOOK NOW
Crater Lake Tented Camp 6,500-33,000 BOOK NOW
Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort 14,000-35,000 BOOK NOW
Burch’s Resort 3,500-17,000 BOOK NOW
Masada Hotel 5,000-12,000 BOOK NOW
Sawela Lodge 17,000-43,000 BOOK NOW
Fish Eagle Inn Naivasha 4,000-19,000 BOOK NOW
Three Ways Restaurant Hotel 2,000-3,600 BOOK NOW
Fina Gardens Resort 3,000-8,000 BOOK NOW
Enashipai Resort & Spa 20,000-30,000 BOOK NOW
Elsamere 9,000-15,000 BOOK NOW
Astorian Grand Hotel 4,000-10,000 BOOK NOW
Hotel Eseriani 6,500-22,000 BOOK NOW
Lake Naivasha Panorama Park 5,000-20,000 BOOK NOW
Lake Naivasha Country Club 14,000-70,000 BOOK NOW
GMT Guest House 1,250 BOOK NOW
Uvaini Villa 10,000-25,000 BOOK NOW
Marula House 32,000 BOOK NOW
Great Rift Valley Lodge And Golf Resort 23,000-53,000 BOOK NOW
Olive Resort 5,000-8,000 BOOK NOW
Lake Naivasha Crescent Camp 13,000-37,000 BOOK NOW
Olerai House Naivasha 18,000-84,000 BOOK NOW
Kiboko Luxury Camp, Naivasha 29,000-40,000 BOOK NOW
Wileli House 15,000-34,000 BOOK NOW
Riba Springs Lodge 5,400 BOOK NOW
Ole-Itiko Cottages 10,000-20,000 BOOK NOW
Dafina Holiday Cottage 20,000-25,000 BOOK NOW
Greenpark Cottage A20 28,000 BOOK NOW
Greenpark Cottage A4 28,000 BOOK NOW
La Terrazza 25,000 BOOK NOW
Signature Cottages 8,000-20,000 BOOK NOW
Naivasha Twiga House 15,000-30,000 BOOK NOW