Lets forget about how holier you are. Let us face reality. We have pastors who live like kings. Some drive most expensive cars while others have their bank accounts full. It’s called being spiritually and financially stable. Check out this list of the top 5 Richest Pastors In Kenya And Their Wealth.
Top 5 Richest Pastors In Kenya
Top 5 Richest Pastors In Kenya
  • Pastor Pius Muiru

Majority of us have grown up listening to the Kuna Nuru Gizani slogans on radio and Tv. Pastor Muiri Contested for Presidency in 2007 which coast him almost 100 Million Kenya shillings to Campaign .

  • Prophet Owour

The controversial flamboyant pastor does not allow his church members to give out offerings or tithes. Pastor Owour’s life is said to have raised the dead from death. That aside, his church members bought him a Mercedes s500 that made them part away with 25 Million

  • James Nga’ng’a

He is the founder of the Neno Evangelism Centre. The church that is said to collect the highest amount of offerings and tithes. He lives in Karen and drives top cars.

  • Reverend Cathy/Allan Kiuna

These two controversial couples are said to be the most richest preachers. They are said to have their home in Runda at a 10 Acre land that costed almost 250 Million.

  • Margret Wanjiru

He is the former Assistant Housing Minister. The Bishop and founder of the Jesus is alive Ministries is estimated to be 600 Million worth.