Miguna Miguna is on the spot again after he gave out a paypal account to Kenyans in a bid to gather funds. The move was met with different reactions with Kenyans on twitter throwing shade at him.

Miguna Miguna Solicits Money From Kenyans Abroad To Get Air Ticket!
Miguna Miguna Solicits Money From Kenyans Abroad To Get Air Ticket!

“YES, we are opening branches and creating #NRMKe GLOBAL NETWORKS. And YES, we are mobilizing RESOURCES for the #NRMKe operations and seeking assistance with my legal fees and disbursements – WITHOUT ANY APOLOGY. We aren’t forcing anyone to donate,” Miguna said in a tweet.

Some Kenyans took to social media inquiring about how the funds they sent to the NASA account were used.

News reaching us however is that Miguna Miguna used entirely all his funds campaigning during the August elections. The Paypal account was to facilitate his travelling back and also have his house repaired.

There was a pay bill number Kalanzo showed us last year for donations, up till now we don’t know how much we contributed and where the money went, pliz general use your own money for now then thereafter we will refund.

After the heat became too much to bear. Miguna miguna retweeted.

Yes; I need an air ticket to return home. I also need funds to repair my destroyed house and to pay my advocates who have been working tirelessly without pay from Feb. 2nd up to now in order to protect my rights. Are you able to contribute? Feel free to do so. Viva!