Miguna’s lawyer Cliff Ombeta has released a press statement concerning the well being of his client. Miguna Miguna who is being held in a small filthy toilet that seconds as a cell is in bad conditions. Speaking to members of the press, Cliff added that the immigration officers had refused to honor high court verdict to have Miguna released immediately.

Miguna's Health Condition Worsens At JKIA Police Cell
Miguna’s Health Condition Worsens At JKIA Police Cell

The Immigration officials maintain Miguna lost his citizenship in 1998 and had to re apply in order for him to return to the Country.

Speaking to BBC, Ombeta CONFIRMED that Miguna’s belongings and cell phone were confiscated making it hard for them to communicate.  A police officer who was however manning him was human enough to let them speak to him through his phone.

Miguna has also confirmed that his health is deteriorating and that he is not receiving food nor water to keep him going. The Canadian consulate however paid him a visit and are looking for other possible ways to have him flown back if the government will not allow him in.