Nairobi diaries has grown to be Kenya’s most loved reality TV show. The casts are lively and the producers have put on their A-game to make sure their viewers are entertained. When the show started, people thought it could not last 3 episodes. The producers however turned things around, switched some casts and we are now in their 7th season straight.

How Much Nairobi Diaries Casts Earn Per Month
How Much Nairobi Diaries Casts Earn Per Month

Nairobi diaries cast portray lavish lifestyles. Their lives revolve around money, designer clothes, liquor,women, men,partying etcetera. Although they try portraying the open-book character, so much about them is hidden. some of them are suffering behind closed curtains while others depend of change from men and women or vice-versa.

The cast house-shame each other on the show. They go to the extend of putting it in black and white on who owns a house and who crushes on whose couch. Naiexpose dug deep and we decided to give you Nairobi diaries cast salary 2018

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