Opening a company in Kenya is not as easy as you may think. The procedures of acquiring all the necessarily documents is sickening. Before being given he certificate of owning a company, the time and efforts you will have put all together will be massive. Here is all the steps step by step and all the requirements of opening a company in Kenya.

Requirements Of Opening A Company In Kenya
Requirements Of Opening A Company In Kenya

Requirements Of Opening A Company In Kenya

  1. First of all you will be needed to reserve the name of your company. The following steps will be taken.
  • Registering With E-Citizen
  • After which you will be required to apply and pay for the company name
  • Obtain your company name reservations

2. After the Above steps are done. It’s time to Register your company. The following procedures apply for company registration.

  • You will be required to apply and pay for your company registration
  • Submit your application forms
  • After submitting application forms make sure you receive your company registration documents.


3. After the above procedures you will need to apply for  taxpayer Registration 

  • Apply for your company PIN
  • You will be required to submit your PIN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT receipt
  • Receive your company PIN

4. VERY IMPORTANT: Obtain Unified Business Permit  

  • Verification of your business permit application form
  • Assessment of the business license fee
  • Obtain all invoices mostly Business licence fee invoice
  • Pay for the licence fee and obtain your unified business permit

5. Make sure all company employees are registered with NHIF

  • Apply for NHIF employer registration
  • Obtain NHIF employer’s code

6. Apply for NSSF for all employees

  • Apply for NSSF Employer registration
  • Obtain your NSSF certificate of registration

The above details are all the steps you should follow to open a company in Kenya