So even after the Kenya national amputee football team represented the country in the amputee football world cup in México, lifted the countries name and flew the Kenyan flag high, they could not be allowed to access the Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts boardroom and were asked to wait outside at the entrance near the reception just after the lifts. The players were tired and fatigued due to the long journey from México.

The players agenda was to present the ministry of sports with the trophy and the report from their achievements in the just concluded world cup tournament.

The players are also pleading with the ministry of sports to pay their allowances so that they can travel back to their home and join with their families whom they have been away from the the last two months.

Without allowances, these players cannot be able to even pay their transport or even provide their families with basic needs such as rent, food etc.

This is a very bad reception by the very people we expected to receive us with great joy and honour. We’re really disappointed and heartbroken.

The little money the players have was given to them by his Excellency governor Mike Sonko. which they have used to pay up debts they borrowed during local training camp before the team left for Mexico. Most players were hosted in Nairobi by their fellow players and team doctor and entirely depended upon their hosts for basics like transport, food and accommodation.

Upon speaking to a few ministry officials today we were told nothing can be done today because the sports PS and CS are not in office and matters will be looked into once they’re back. Is that how things work at the Ministry really?

The players have since resolved to spend the night at MOSCA until their plight is looked into.