Dr. Ezekiel Mutua yesterday expressed sharp sentiments regarding some Kikuyu song targeting the entire Kamba community, after the Charity Ngilu Vs Charcoal traders saga. In the song, meant to demean the Kamba community, the musician goes ahead to state that the mango season will soon be over, leaving members of the community with nothing but only dogs & birds to feed on. Don’t be surprised though. This is basic Uthamakistan language. There’s the mention of Kamba betrayal, basically talking about the community shifting allegiance from a son of the mountain to someone undeserving.
Members of the Uthamakistan cocoon will obviously be so elated by this song, as they usually are when one Kimani Waturaco releases songs meant to insult Raila, Mîguna, Babu Owino & any other person who disagrees with uthamaki.

I want to state here & now that there’s a huge difference between Uthamakistan & the Gîkûyû community. Members of Uthamakistan have several identifiable traits.

One, they draw their sense of importance from nothing & nothing but male circumcision. Manhood is only attainable by subjecting the male reproductive organ to pain through removal of the foreskin. Check this out, more traits coming up.


Post By Muchege Waithaka