The mention of Barry Ndegeye or Samia Ndegeye will not ring a bell if you asked a few Kenyans around. The duo are the owners of Kenya’s swankiest Club B-club that is located in Kilimani. B-club has made it’s name as Nairobi’s rich kids place. Only the rich and mighty frequent the club.

At the entrance of this club are three luxurious cars to welcome you home. The owners say the cars were custom made to their taste. each of the cars cost more than 20 Million Kenya shillings. That alone will tell you the duo are among Kenya’s richest people.

Barry Moved to Kenya during the Rwanda Genocide in 1994. He started his Entertainment Business and later flew to Germany and later Belgium. Barry met his wife Samia in Belgium and later relocated to Dubai where he ventured in oil and other petroleum businesses.

He came back to Kenya and set up the now Kenya’s top entertainment joint.

Here are all cars owned by Bary and his wife samia.

  • Rolls royce phantom (Drop head)
  • Maserati
  • Lamborghini Murcielago
  • Hummer
  • Ferrari F430
  •  Mercedes s600
  • Range Rover
  • A futuristic tron Bike