Here is a story of Stella, a farmer who made Ksh1 million from tomato farming after she lost her job.

My name is Stella and I wanted to share my story so that your fans can feel motivated and know that life is what you make.

I completed college in 2010 with a degree in Mathematics. I immediately moved to Nairobi to seek employment like other graduates. I had to tarmac for three months before my friend connected me to a research firm in Westlands Nairobi. He referred to one of his relatives who is a Research Manager in the firm. Luckily, he considered me for the position of a Research Associate.

I worked there for one and half years, earning Ksh 45,000 per month. Though I loved my job, it reached a time where I could not handle the pressure of meeting my ambitions, I thought I was stagnant. I did one thing repeatedly until I realized I was becoming useless as far as success is concerned.

One night, I was watching a program on K24, where one entrepreneur was explaining how she made it in life. I just tuned the program because I was just bored with Citizen TV. Within 30 minutes I was inspired, I told myself, ‘if this young man has just a Diploma and is worth Ksh 10 million, why not me’.

The following morning I rushed to my work place as usual, but I was bothered the whole day, I felt so empty but there was no one in the room to explain what I was feeling. Everybody was talking about masters and getting promotions, even if I told them it won’t make sense to them.

Each day, I could wake up and figure out what to do in order to change my life. To be honest, I used to exhaust my salary just 15 days after being paid. I was not extravagant but I was shocked each month how meager it was. For three good years, I was in pains to explain what I had done with my salary, so I wanted to supplement my income with something like business.

It was in 2013 August when my contract was terminated: the company was doing reorganization in order to cut costs and I was among the unfortunate employees. I remember very well the day I was given the dismissal letter. I was told, alongside 15 others, to clear with Human Resources department immediately-it was painful.
One week later I found myself at home, jobless and with only Ksh 50,000 in my pocket. I started looking for another job because the amount I had could not sustain me for three months.

One day as I was walking along Kenyatta Avenue-I had dropped my CV at Consolidated Bank of Kenya-I found my high school friend walking hurriedly in the opposite direction. I didn’t recognize him; he was the one who held my hand as I was walking past him. We chatted for some minutes but since he was meeting a client, he told me to accompany him.

That was the moment I found a friend, someone we shared the same vision. He told me that the moment he completed high school he went straight into business and never looked back. I told him about my plight and how I strive to be where my conscience drives me to.He told me that he has several farms in Kajiado where he plants tomatoes, onions and cabbage. The moment I heard him declare what he is doing, I immediately begged him to take me to his farm so that I could learn one or two things.

The following month I found myself having 2 acres of land in Kajiado.I leased one acre at Ksh10, 000 per year. I managed to secure Ksh 50,000 loan from my father because the Ksh 50,000 I had saved was not enough. From what

I learnt from my friend, I decided to plant tomatoes in the two acres.
Four months later, I had my first harvest. Surprisingly, God is good; tomatoes were very scarce in the market. I made a profit of Ksh 600,000 from the two acres after harvesting three times. This motivated me more and I was again tempted to plant the second time. The second time I made Ksh 360,000.

I was so excited to see real money, I was used to Ksh45, 000 every month but this time I had my Ksh 1 million in my account within a year.

As I write this, I have made good money and thank God I was fired from my first job, I could be like several graduates who are silently suffering in offices as some of us make deals and enjoy the work of our hands. What I like most about what I do is the fact that I don’t report to anyone, I also don’t have to work every day.

Last year December, I took my certificates to my mother, I don’t want to see them.