Video blogging or vlogging is still something fresh and new in Kenya. In First world countries, video blogging is a hobby and a career. Kenyans are however catching up and we are seeing video bloggers coming up with good content. From pranks, lifestyle to makeup tutorials. There is a wide range of videos for newbie vloggers to choose from. Today we take a look at Top 10 Kenyan YouTubers.

Top 10 Kenyan YouTubers.

Top 10 Kenyan YouTubers
Top 10 Kenyan YouTubers

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What criteria do we use to check top youtubers? Many youtubers use social blade as a tool to rank their channels. This can be misleading at times. A Channel can have more than 1 M subscribers but it’s viewership count  is below the subscriber count. Most of the those subscribers are bought and do not really reflect the strength and impact the channel has.

Below are 13 Kenyan YouTubers With HIGH viewership counts

  • The Murayas
  • Elodie Zone
  • Rikkie
  • This Is Ess
  • Xtian Dela
  • Sheila Ndinda
  • Jim Nduruchi
  • Kangai Mwiti
  • The Green Calabash
  • Over 25
  • Joy Kendi
  • Lyra Aoko
  • Levis Ryan