When we talk about richness what comes in your mind? The few tribes men that appear in the top 10 richest people in country? Actually No. The richest people in the country might come from the poorest of tribes and vice-versa. Let us discuss about the Top 10 Richest Tribes In Kenya without having finances and money in Mind

Top 1O Richest Tribes In Kenya
Top 1O Richest Tribes In Kenya

Today we will look at 10 That can sustain themselves. This will include water, food and shelter. Let’s not forget about roads, hospitals and other amenities. We shall not look at money. Below are some of the tribes that can stand on their own without having the government chip in.

  • Kalenjin
  • Mijikenda
  • Luhya
  • Maasai
  • Kamba
  • Kipsigis
  • Taita
  • Samburu
  • Luo
  • Swahili