Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu Alias Baba Yao has sued Ngilu over inflammatory comments she made while addressing her residents last week.  The Kiambu governor said, Ngilu was using violence to cub a menace that could be avoided by dialogue or law and not by destruction of property.

Probox burnt down by angry Kitui traders for transporting Charcoal

Ngilu last week told residence of Kitui county to deal with vehicles ferrying charcoal out of  county as enemies of the community. This was after a lorry and a probox were torched by angry residence who said the charcoal business was not welcomed.

Lorry Transporting Charcoal

In other news, the rivalry between these two communities may just be cropping up. Two artists yesterday released a song telling the Kamba’a to slow down since the Mango season would soon be over.


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