Which is the best place to buy cheapest land in Nairobi?

Nairobi, being the capital city of Kenya, most people prefer to buy land and settle so as to be closer to essential services. But what has always hindered the dreams of many is the cost of land. Over time, the cost of land has skyrocketed, to the point of scaring potential investors-this has resulted to many land buyers moving away from Nairobi to as far as Machakos, where land is relatively cheap. Here we are going to reveal areas in Nairobi where land is extremely cheap even as land prices in other areas are out of reach for the common Nairobian.

  1. Along Kangundo road

There are several emerging estates along Kangundo road.It started from Ruai,then followed Kamulu,Malaa,Tullip,Joska and now near KCB.For sure,land is cheap along this road. In places like Tullip and near KCB,you can get land with Ksh 280,000.This is definitely money you can easily afford.

  1. Ngong

The second area you can easily get land with as cheap as Ksh 300,000 is Ngong, but the plots are as far as 10 kilometres from Ngong town.

  1. Near Lukenya Hills

There are several plots of land at Lukenya Hills, some going for as little as Ksh 350,000.But the rate at which the prices are rising is shocking; land that was valued Ksh 300,000 three months ago is now selling at Ksh 750,000.

  1. Kiserian

Though land in Kiserian is almost exhausted, still there are many opportunities to own land. Few kilometres from Kiserian town, you will easily get land for Ksh 500,000..that is 50 by 100.

  1. Isinya

Land in Kitengela is almost completely exhausted but proceeding further to Isinya, you won’t miss a cheap plot. If you rush there as soon as today,you will buy land at Ksh 600,000.

If your pocket is deeper and you can afford land in excess of Ksh 1 million,here are places you should try your luck:

  1. Utawala
  2. Ruitu
  3. Juja
  4. Kitengela
  5. Rongai